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I have made available free Self-Help Toolkits and related Handouts & Worksheets. These can help you accelerate the changes you would like to make before we meet. However, if these toolkits are all that you need to transform your life and we do not meet, it was a pleasure to help you.

You have my permission to reproduce these Toolkits and Handouts & Worksheets for your personal use and to distribute them to any individual whom you feel would benefit from them, whether for commercial purposes or otherwise. All that I request is that you include the contact information, phone number and web address, at the bottom of each page in the footer.

In addition, be sure to also consult my Blog at for my 'Self-Help Series' on important topics such relationships, stress management and the 'Top 10' of various topics! You can even request a subject of your choice!

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Handouts & Worksheets

Anxiety Provoking Situations Worksheet

Anxiety Provoking Situations Examples

Cost Benefit Analysis

Emotions Handout

Psychological Needs Worksheet

Thinking Traps Handout

Thought Record Worksheet

Behavioural Activation Worksheet

Lethargy Cycle Of Depression







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