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Top Factors To Find A Montreal Psychologist That Treats Anxiety [Tips]

If you have been searching for a Psychologist in Montreal who is an expert in treating anxiety, you have probably found this task quite daunting. There are probably over 7000 licensed psychologists in the province of Quebec. How does one go about looking over hundreds of websites to find the right psychologist specialized in therapy anxiety to help you?

Luckily, most of this work has been done for us as you are not the first person to have searched for an Anxiety Psychologist in Montreal. There is no better way to search for a trusted professional then to use the experience of other people and listen to what they have found useful. Here is a summary of the top factors that have helped people successfully find the right Montreal Psychologist specialized in anxiety. Keep in mind that these same factors apply when you are searching for a psychologist in other cities like Westmount, Laval, the West Island or any other region in the province of Quebec.

5 Essential Factors To Find the Right Montreal Psychologist Specialized in Anxiety

montreal psychologist anxiety

Here is a list of the 5 Essential Factors that have been consistently used by people to find an Anxiety Psychologist:

1. Verify the professional in the Directory of Professionals of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec.

· If you are searching for a psychologist in Montreal specialized to treat anxiety, then make sure they are a registered Psychologist by verifying the directory of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec .

2. Is the Montreal Psychologist specialized to treat anxiety and not just a generalist?

  • Peope have reported that they want a psychologist that will provide them with specific tools to treat anxiety. Although support is helpful and is always provided by a psychologist who treats anxiety, people say they can speak to family and friends if they want general advice and suggestions, and want a psychologists that is specialized in the treatment of anxiety.

3. Make sure that the psychologist is specialized to treat anxiety using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

· CBT is the best therapy for anxiety. This approach is the recommended psychological treatment for anxiety based on the conclusion drawn by the Canadian and American Psychological Associations. CBT is scientifically-validated, practical, results-driven and meant to be short-term rather than long-term. This will ensure you do not spend years in just 'talk therapy' that does not lead to change.

4. Look for testimonials on independent sites .

· Have a psychologist in mind? Search for T estimonials or Reviews on a sites like for the Anxiety Psychologist in Montreal you are considering. An independent site will maximize the chance that the review is authentic and genuine. There is no better recommendation than to have the experience of another person to help you out.

5. People prefer a psychologist that measures progress.

· In this day and age, we are becoming more focused on results and making meaningful and long-lasting changes in our life. This should be no different if you are working on treating anxiety. People say that they really appreciate when their progress is tracked and measured. Not only will you ‘feel better’ but you will have an objective way of quantifying your achievements.  For example, being able to say “My symptoms of anxiety decreased by 50% over the past month” is more meaningful to people than just saying “I feel better in general”.

In summary, people are becoming more educated when choosing a healthcare professional. As a result, more and more people are searching for a Montreal Anxiety Psychologist that:

montreal psychologist anxiety
u ses anxiety therapy that works,

is recommended by people who have had success with the psychologist,

that measures their progress in therapy,

and that is an expert Anxiety Psychologist.

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