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Find A Psychologist In Montreal Using These 5 Key Factors

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If finding a psychologist in Montreal is new to you, you are not alone. Hundreds of people search daily on the internet for a Montreal Psychologist and the task of finding the right psychologist is not an easy decision to make. Besides having to screen hundreds of psychologists in Montreal to find the right one for you, there are hundreds of other professionals such as nurses, occupational therapists and social workers practicing psychotherapy.

So how does one go about weeding through all these professionals to find the right Montreal Psychologist?

Fortunately, you can use the experience of previous people that have seen a psychologist in Montreal, as well as the 'best-practices' recommended by both the Order of Psychologists of Quebec (OPQ) and the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA).

Here are the 5 key factors people recommend you search for when finding a psychologist in the Montreal area.

1. If you have a Montreal psychologist in mind, find out if they have any testimonials on a site such as ‘Ratemds’.

  • Hearing about the experience of other people with a psychologist is an excellent source of information. When reading testimonials, studies have shown that people question whether testimonials are genuine when a professional ha s an excessive number compared to their peer group and when the reviews are always excessively l ong . In general, reviews are usually short and to the point . In addition, studies have shown that a few unfavourable reviews are normal and add to the authenticity of the testimonials in general.

2. Did the psychologist call you back quickly, ideally within 24 hours?
  • Clients have stated that it is important for them to receive a call back quickly if a message was left. This demonstrated to them that the specific Montreal Psychologist was serious and professional and wanted to help as quickly as they could.

3. Is the Montreal psychologist an expert in the area you need help in?
  • Once we have a problem, we all want an expert to help out in the quickest and most efficient way possible. Do what other people have done and ask the psychologist about their expertise, credentials and supervised training. Ask questions until you are satisfied.

4. When you speak to the psychologist, do they sound warm, genuine and concerned?
  • Research has repeatedly shown that these three factors make up the therapeutic alliance and is another factor that people searched for in a psychologist.

5. By far the most important or ‘gold-standard’ factor that people found important was whether the Montreal Psychologist measured their progress .
  • In our fast-paced, time and resource-limited world, all sectors of society are turning towards measuring things that are effective and work. Finding a psychologist in Montreal is no different. Measuring therapeutic progress is recommended by the OPQ and CPA as a ‘best-practice’ . Not only does this provide people with information on their progress, but also can be used to change the direction of therapy if it is warranted.
  • You can simply compare results between psychologists by searching for this information on their website or asking for it.
  • By working with me, clients have achieved up to an 89% decrease in the frequency, intensity or interference-level of their symptoms. If the Montreal Psychologist you are considering does not measure progress, ask them "Why not" since this is a ‘best-practice’.

In summary, people who have had success in therapy recommend looking for a Montreal Psychologist that:

has received positive feedback in testimonials.

is an expert in their field.

has called them back promptly.

has been warm and genuine.

After these 4 factors, the final and most important factor people have found useful has been whether the psychologist:

measured their success and progress throughout therapy.

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