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How To Pick The Best Montreal Therapy Centre That Treats Anxiety And Depression

If you are looking for a Therapy Centre in Montreal to help you in the treatment of anxiety or depression, or any other psychological difficulty for that matter, you will want to pick the best therapy centre . When we say ‘best centre’ , it is fair to say that there is probably not ‘one best’ Psychotherapy Centre or Clinic, but rather ‘many best’ Therapy Centres for anxiety and depression in Montreal and the surrounding regions. Some Montreal Therapy Centers may have a Psychologist or Psychotherapist who founded and hired other professionals, while other Psychotherapy Centres may just be a group of professionals working in the same location but independently. Regardless of the Montreal Therapy Centre you are considering, you will want to focus as well on the individual who may be your Psychologist or Psychotherapist, as the professional is responsible for your treatment in the end. And in the end you are working with a person and not a just the name on a door. So make sure that you ultimately look for the best Psychologist, Therapist or Psychotherapist for you and not at just the Centre or Clinic.

Top Factors To Find The Best Anxiety And Depression Therapy Centre For You

Once you have identified a few treatment centres or individual Psychologists or Psychotherapists, you can perform a quick screening of them using the following two steps.

1. Does the Therapy Centre provide a brief free phone consultation?

  • A phone consultation is an important first step in order to assess your needs and to get an indication for the problem you want to work on whether it be treatment for anxiety or depression, or any other psychological problem. If the Centre cannot help you, they should refer you to a proper resource. If you feel they are trying to schedule you with someone and you feel it is not appropriate for your situation, follow your gut-instinct and call somewhere else.

2. Do you feel that the Centre or Clinic is credible and trustworthy?

  • You can assess this by looking if the professional gives free talks and appears on the radio or television on occasion.
  • Free resources also show that the centre or clinic is there to help. Examples of such resources include: 1) A Psychotherapy Blog that provides specific and helpful advice rather than just presenting general information that is not helpful; 2) Self-Assessment tools to help orient you to what is bothering and could be problematic and; 3) Self-Help Therapy Toolkits that you can use and refer to.

Once you completed these first two steps, focus on evaluating whether the person you will work with seems to be the ‘best-fit’ for you . Fortunately, there are numerous ways to evaluate ‘fit’ using questions that other people have found useful, as well as what is available on the internet.

3. Take an in-depth look at the Psychologist or Psychotherapist you are considering.

  • Look at the professional’s profile on their website. Do you feel they are credible and that you can trust them? Do they have at least 20 Reviews or Testimonials on an independent site like RateMds? Do they measure therapeutic progress with questionnaires, which is a best-practice recommended by the Order of Psychologists of Quebec, as well as the Canadian and American Psychological Associations? Does it matter to you whether they have PhD-level training or just a Master’s degree? Are you comfortable working with a generalist such as an art therapist, drama therapist or counsellor rather than a Psychologist or Psychotherapist?
  • If you are looking for further ways to evaluate the fit of the Psychologist or Psychotherapist, the following Guides will be of help to you:

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