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Top Factors To Find A Psychologist In Montreal Specialized in Depression Treatment [Tips]

As a psychologist in the Montreal region specialized in treating depression, it is always a great pleasure to see a client get back on track and to see them feel pleasure, motivation and be interested in life once again. Besides playing a role in helping people alleviate their depressive symptoms, as a Psychologist who treats depression, providing free resources to people such as Self-Help Tookits and a Psychotherapy Blog is a personal goal, as I have a strong belief that the science of change and happiness should be accessible to everyone.

In today’s day and age, we are bombarded with so much information that it can be hard to decide how to start making a decision. This is no different when someone is searching for a Psychologist or Therapist who is specialized in the treatment of depression. A guide was recently created to help people searching for an Anxiety Psychologist in Montreal . Since people frequently search for Psychologists specialized to treat depression as well, this guide was created to help people wade through the over 7000 Psychologists and Psychotherapists in Quebec and the hundreds of associated websites. Luckily, we can search for a trusted professional by looking at the factors that other people have found helpful. These factors will apply whether you are searching for a Psychologist, Therapist or Psychotherapist to treat depression.

Here is a summary of the Top 10 Factors that have helped people successfully find the right Montreal Psychologist specialized in depression treatment.

10 Essential Factors To Find the Right Montreal Psychologist To Treat Depression

Once you have a few professionals in mind, you can do a quick screen of the Depression Psychologist, Therapist or Psychotherapist you are considering by performing these two steps.

1. Verify the professional in the Directory of Professionals of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec.

2. Look for testimonials on independent sites.

  • If you have a Psychologist in mind, search for Testimonials or Reviews on a site like for the Depression Psychologist in Montreal you are considering. Looking at an independent site will maximize the chance that the reviews are authentic and genuine. It is always great to get the recommendation and opinions from people who have had psychotherapy with the Psychologist or Therapist you are considering. A good sample is probably about 20 or more reviews. If you cannot find any reviews, you might want to focus on the psychologist who received feedback.

Completing these first two steps may have helped you screen out some potential Psychologists or Psychotherapists in Montreal you were considering, but may have been of limited help only. For example, how is someone to know whether all the reviews are genuine? Health professionals are not like products, so research has shown that people question when someone has an excessive amount of reviews, especially when there are multiple reviews on one day or on consecutive days as this is unnatural. For a great guide on reviews you can consult the following guide . Here are the additional factors people have found useful.

3. Is the Psychologist specialized in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

  • CBT is possibly the best therapy to treat depression . This approach is a recommended psychological treatment for depression based on the conclusion drawn by the Canadian and American Psychological Associations. CBT is scientifically-validated, practical, results-driven and mean to be short-term rather than long-term. This will ensure you do not spend years in just 'talk therapy' that does not lead to change. Some additional psychotherapy approaches you may want to consider are Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) or Mindfulness Meditation for residual symptoms of depression.

4. Has the Montreal Psychologist ever worked for a Hospital or the Government?

  • This is another factor that people have found helpful as it can add to the credibility of the Psychologist. Positions in hospitals can be rare for Psychologists and involve a long interview process. A position with a provincial department is also a good indication. Pay particular attention to Psychologists who have worked for the Federal Government , as these involve the most rigorous interview process which includes numerous written tests that have been standardized across Canada and multiple interviews, sometimes with hundreds of candidates.

5. Did the Psychologist or Psychotherapist call you back quickly?

  • Did you get a quick return call if you left a message within 24 hours ? People say they really appreciate when a Psychologist or Therapist gets back in touch quickly as it shows them that the professional is there to help them.

6. The hurdles involved to schedule an appointment.

  • Do you find it is difficult to schedule an appointment? Did you speak to a receptionist and not a Psychologist? Did you have to go through a long screening process, complete numerous questionnaires before seeing a Psychologist? Interestingly, many people have said that they prefer to speak directly with the Psychologist they are considering rather than speaking to a receptionist. A process that involves excessive ‘red tape’ and screening is also considered another turn-off for some people.

7. Extra hidden fees.

  • Where you charged an additional fee for an initial assessment or to open a file? In my opinion this is unfair. A ‘session-is-a-session-is-a-session’ and should always be at the same hourly rate , unless the assessment does take more time (i.e. 90 minutes rather than 60).

8. Was the Psychologist warm and genuine with you?

  • Having a strong therapeutic alliance with a Psychologist or Therapist is the best predictor of therapeutic change. Much research has identified that a strong alliance between the client and psychologist is one that is warm, genuine and non-judgmental . Did you feel this when you listened to their voice message or when you spoke to them directly?

9. Trustworthiness of the Psychologist.

  • Do you feel that you can trust the Psychologist? This is obviously very important for anyone. Here are a few quick indications that the Psychologist is there to help:
  • Do they provide a brief 10-15 phone consultation in order to assess whether they are the right Psychologist, to answer your important questions, or to direct you to the appropriate resource.
  • Many people value when the Psychologist has a Psychotherapy Blog that actually provides some helpful advice and things they can try rather than a Blog that is general and that does not provide any real help or information.
  • In my practice, I provide additional tools free of charge. Numerous free Self-Help Toolkits are available on my website that people have stated they really appreciate.

10. People prefer a Psychologist that measures progress.

  • In this day and age, we are becoming more focused on results and making changes in our life. This should be no different when you are working on treating depressive symptoms. People have really appreciated when their progress has been tracked and measured. Not only will you ‘feel better’ but you will have an objective way of quantifying your achievements in therapy.  For example, being able to say “My symptoms of depression have decreased by 75% over the past month” is more meaningful to people than just saying “I feel better in general”.

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