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Montreal Psychologist & Therapist: Specialized In Anxiety & Depression Therapy That Works

Being a Psychologist in Montreal specialized in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) , people have come to consult me from all over the region of Montreal, as I also proudly serve Westmount, the West Island, Laval and the South Shore.

Since you are in the process of selecting the right Montreal Psychologist & Therapist to discuss personal issues and difficulties, I feel that it is important that you get to know me, as well as the core values and beliefs that are the foundation of my approach and that my previous clients have valued.

Here is how my beliefs and core values drive ‘why I do what I do' for people.

I believe that:

  • Everyone has the right, as well as the potential, to be happy and fulfilled in life;
  • And that when you become happier you really do help change the world one small step at a time.

Because past and present life events beyond our control can act as hurdles to our happiness and fulfillment, we sometimes need real solutions to get ‘unstuck’ and get our life back on track.

To help you do this, I provide Psychotherapy Services that are science-based:

  • so that they really work for my CLIENTS and that they in turn;
  • will share and suggest to their FRIENDS & FAMILY .

Being firmly supported by the science of CHANGE , HAPPINESS and WELL-BEING , these Psychological Services are preferred by:

  • PHYSICIANS, as they will recommend them to their patients to treat problems like anxiety and depression ;
  • SCHOOLS & UNIVERSITIES, as they are used to help motivate their students to excel and;
  • EMPLOYERS & ORGANIZATIONS for their employees so that they can accomplish great things.

In a safe , non-judgmental and collaborative environment I accomplish my goal of helping you by providing scientifically-proven therapy that has been shown to work according to the Canadian & American Psychological Associations.

I believe that the science of change and happiness should be ACCESSIBLE TO ALL !

If you like ‘ why I do what I do ’ and you would act with the same values if you were a psychologist serving Montreal,

feel free to Contact Me for a free 10-15 minute phone consultation with no obligation.


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