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Therapy For Depression Therapy

Effective Therapy For Depression And The Changes That Can Be Made

These are the changes that my clients have made based on their own self-ratings.

Decreased symptoms by up to 75%

Increased their quality of life by up to 89%

You are but one small step away from making these same changes!

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Tell me why CBT depression therapy works and is supported by scientific studies.

How will therapy for depression help me?

I think I may be depressed. How do I find out?

Depression Therapy: Treatment For Depression

How can depression therapy help you to overcome depression?

If you are looking for the most effective psychological treatment for depression, Task Forces from both the American and Canadian Psychological Associations have established that cognitive behaviour therapy for depression has received the most scientific support. Thus, depression therapy can have a significant impact in the treatment for depression.

  • In reviewing over 300 studies, it has been shown that 52-79% of adults and 67-87% of teens receiving cognitive behaviour therapy for depression do better than people not receiving this type of depression therapy (Butler et al., 2006).
  • 90% of the symptoms of major depression can decrease in the first six weeks of treatment with CBT depression therapy (Hollon et al., 1992).
  • Treatment for depression with depression therapy can decrease relapse rate from 76% when only medication is used to just 30% with depression therapy (DeRubeis et al., 2005).
Being a psychologist specialized in cognitive behavioural therapy for depression I can help you to overcome depression. If you are interested, find out how my success with depression therapy compares to these published research studies.

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Depression Help: Learn How To Overcome Depression With Depression Therapy

The depression help you obtain with therapy for depression will focus on the following elements in the treatment for depression:
Psychoeducation: Depression therapy will provide you with basic knowledge about depression, such as symptoms and how therapy for depression works.

Behavioural Activation: During depression treatment with depression therapy, it is important to become more active. You will begin to establish a gradual increase in activities that bring you pleasure and a sense of accomplishment in order to improve your mood and increase your energy levels. Just starting to engage in such activities has been shown to be effective in depression treatment.

Changing Negative Thinking: Depression therapy will also help you to change the ‘cognitive traps’ or ways of seeing things that affect your mood negatively. Examples include changing the way you perceive situations that you may see as being catastrophic, never-ending or unbearable.

Changing Maladaptive Assumptions & Core Beliefs: These are deeper beliefs we have about ourselves, the world and other people. These beliefs tend to develop early in life and colour the way we see the world, which can lead to recurrent episodes of depression that some people experience. Some common examples that are targeted in therapy for depression include “I am worthless or unlovable”, “The world is not fair” and “Other people always abandon me”.

Relapse Prevention: Depression help will assist you in identifying your triggers for depression and establishing an ‘action plan’ to treat depression before it worsens.

What Is Depression? Do I Need Depression Treatment?

Depression is characterized by an intense feeling of loss centred on one’s mood, energy and self-perception. If you experience many of the following symptoms most of the day for two weeks, you may need depression help.
  • Depressed mood.
  • A diminished interest or pleasure in all or almost all your activities.
  • Significant weight loss/gain or decrease/increase in appetite.
  • Insomnia or sleeping too much.
  • Feeling restless and on edge or having slowed movements.
  • You are easily fatigued and have a significant loss of energy.
  • Feeling worthlessness or experiencing excessive guilt.
  • Inability to think, concentrate clearly or difficulty making decisions.
  • Recurrent thoughts of death and suicide.

If you think you may meet the criteria for major depression, do not attempt to diagnose yourself. Get help for depression by seeking the advice of a mental health professional. Make sure to consider therapy for depression for your depression treatment.

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