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Tell me why CBT therapy for OCD works and is supported by scientific studies.

How will OCD therapy help me?

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OCD Therapy And OCD Treatment

OCD treatment with OCD therapy using a cognitive behavioural approach has been shown to be the most effective psychological OCD treatment.

Task Forces from both the American and Canadian Psychological Associations have established that cognitive behaviour therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder has received the most scientific support.

How can OCD therapy help overcome obsessive compulsive disorder?

  • A review of over 300 published studies has shown that 59-90% of people receiving cognitive behaviour therapy for OCD do better than people not receiving this type of OCD therapy (Butler et al., 2006). Thus, the majority of people receiving OCD help with OCD therapy experience definite benefits.
  • Both cognitive restructuring and exposure therapy, two important components of therapy for OCD, have been shown to help overcome OCD (Rhéaume & Ladouceur 2000; Anholt et al., 2008 ).
  • OCD therapy will provide long-lasting OCD help. Therapy for OCD has been shown to decrease the negative beliefs leading to obsessions. The decrease of such beliefs can help in the long-term treatment for OCD (Williams et al., 2002 ).

In summary, obsessive compulsive disorder help is now available. Being an OCD psychologist specialized in therapy for OCD I can help you overcome obsessive compulsive disorder. If you are interested, find out how my success with OCD therapy compares to these published research studies.

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OC D Help: Learn How To Overcome OCD With OCD Therapy

Psychoeducation: OCD therapy will provide an overview of the treatment for OCD, such as how obsessions and rituals develop, how OCD is treated and how rituals reinforce obsessions. Therapy for OCD will also focus an important aspect of treatment for OCD, which is that all people experience intrusive thoughts. Psychoeducation about obsessive compulsive disorder will be the first step in helping you to overcome OCD.

Changing Obsessive Thinking: People with obsessive compulsive disorder develop certain beliefs about their thoughts and inner experiences that lead to obsessions. One example is overimportance of thoughts, “If I have a thought of harming someone, it will come true or I will do it”. Obsessive compulsive disorder help with therapy for OCD will help you to change these erroneous beliefs.

Exposure & Response Prevention: Therapy for OCD will help you gradually face situations that cause you anxiety, without engaging in any ritualistic behaviour. You will learn to use coping techniques to overcome OCD and your anxiety. Overtime you will overcome OCD by learning that you can decrease your anxiety without rituals and that your fear does not come true.

What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Do I Need OCD Treatment?

Obsessive compulsive disorder involves the presence of obsessions and compulsions. Obsessions tend to lead to compulsive behaviours. Although it is possible for someone to experience obsessions only without any compulsive behaviour, it is not possible to have compulsions without obsessions. If you feel that your obsessions and compulsions are excessive and unreasonable, and they causes marked distress in your life or take up at least one hour of your time each day, you may need OCD treatment using OCD therapy.

  • Obsessions: These are recurrent thoughts images or impulses that are seen as intrusive and that cause a great deal of anxiety and distress. The obsession is not just a worry about an everyday problem (e.g. finances, being late for a meeting). People usually attempt to ignore or suppress the obsession or to decrease the anxiety they feel by using another thought or action.
  • Compulsions: These are repetitive behaviours, rituals or mental acts that develop in response to an obsession. The aim of the compulsion is to reduce the associated anxiety related to an obsession or to prevent a negative event from happening.

If you think you may meet the criteria for obsessive compulsive disorder, do not attempt to diagnose yourself. Get OCD help by seeking the advice of a mental health professional. Make sure to consider OCD therapy for your OCD treatment.

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