How To Find The Right Psychologist In Montreal During The Year 2020

Do you suffer from a mental illness? Are you struggling with the stresses of life? Hoping to better understand yourself?

If so, you could benefit from seeing a psychologist. 

But before you go and call up the first psychologist you come across, you're advised to do some research. Each psychologist is different, and might not have the characteristics needed to suit you. 

Need help finding the right psychologist Montreal? Then read on. We're going to show you how.  

Realize the Importance of Experience

Psychologists run the gamut from green rookies to weathered veterans and everything in between. While they're all capable of performing their responsibilities effectively, the ones with more experience tend to have a better grasp on things. 

This stands to reason. After all, the more you do something, the better you get at it. Psychology is certainly no exception to this rule. 

That said, years of experience shouldn't rule all. There's something to be said for patient comfort as well. If you're not comfortable revealing your thoughts to a given psychologist, it won't matter how long he or she has been practicing. 

In any case, we recommend avoiding new psychologists. By utilizing the services of a new psychologist, you are effectively turning yourself into his or her guinea pig. He or she might try his or her best, but you'll ultimately be used as his or her learning tool. 

Your psychologist should have, at the very least, 2 years of experience in the field. This is more than enough time to get one's feet wet. 

Keep an Eye on Credentials

In Canada and in the province of Quebec, psychologists are required to be licensed. If your prospective psychologist doesn't have a license, he or she is practicing illegally and should be avoided at all costs. 

And don't just take a prospective psychologist's word for it. Ask to see a solid copy of his or her license. If you can't see it with your own two eyes, there's no reason to believe that it exists. 

Why is licensure so important? Because it ensures that the psychologist has participated in all of the coursework necessary to practice psychology effectively. Unlicensed psychologists have not completed such coursework, and so could very well just be making things up on the spot. 

Look Out for Specializations

While some psychologists are generalists who provide general care to each of their patients, others are specialized in certain areas. So, when choosing a psychologist, it's important that you choose one with a specialization that serves your needs.  

Some psychologists specialize in treating kids. Other psychologists specialize in treating athletes. There are family-oriented psychologists as well. 

If you have no need for specialized treatment, you're advised to seek out a psychologist without a specialization. Then, should you require specialized treatment further down the line, your psychologist can recommend you to another psychologist. 

Inquire About Treatment

Psychological treatments can vary wildly. And while one psychologist may lean toward using one type of treatment, another psychologist may lean toward using another type of treatment. Because you're the one who's going to be subjected to it, you want to be sure that you're comfortable with it. 

For this reason, before scheduling any appointments, you need to make sure to ask prospective psychologists about the types of treatments they like to use. Whereas one psychologist may like to use CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy, another psychologist may like to use DBT or dialectical behavioral therapy. These therapies sound similar, but are actually quite different, requiring entirely different skills and knowledge bases. 

Other types of treatment to look out for include cognitive analytic therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and family therapy, to name just a few. 

Read Reviews

One of the best ways to get a feel for a psychologist is to look up reviews from his or her past patients. Generally speaking, all you need to do is type "[psychologist's name] psychologist reviews", and you'll be provided with a range of reviews to choose from. 

These reviews will provide you with honest assessments from real-life people, helping you determine whether a particular psychologist is worth your time or not. Each psychologist will be given a rating as well, allowing you to separate the wheat from the chaff in short order. 

Visit the Office

Psychological treatment can have a seismic effect on the brain. As such, it's important that the patient feels as comfortable as possible while treatment is being administered. 

While the temperament of the psychologist has a lot to do with creating this comfort, it's not the only factor. Another big factor is the physical environment that surrounds the treatment. 

For this reason, before scheduling an appointment, you're advised to visit the office in which the session is to occur. If you feel comfortable during the visit, you can move on with treatment. If you're not comfortable, you'll still have the option to switch to someone (and somewhere) else. 

Assess Costs

As you might expect, different psychologists charge different rates. Whereas a new psychologist might charge as little as $70 per hour, a seasoned psychologist might charge as much as $150 an hour. 

If you're like most individuals, you have limits to your budget. As such, before utilizing any psychological services, you need to inquire as to how much you'll be charged. 

Unfortunately, the services of a psychologist are not covered under Canada's national health insurance. So, you'll either have to pay the price in full or have it covered by a private insurance policy. 

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