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As Montreal’s CBT Psychologist, Danny Gagnon provides therapy in Montreal. He is committed to empowering his clients to make real changes in their lives in order to achieve the changes they deserve.

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Dedicated to providing help to the most diverse audience possible, he has launched a Blog at the request of his clients. 

If you've consulted the 'Self-Help' toolkits and are looking for some more advice on popular topics in psychology that may be of help to you, you can consult my Blog which is found on my Montreal Therapy Centre site: www.TherapyInMontreal.com/blog/


This Blog provides complimentary expertise and advice on popular therapy topics such: 

  • and so much more!

If you are interested in a particular topic related to psychology or therapy, you are invited to send him a request at: info@montrealcbtpsychologist.com.

Montreal Psychologist 1310 Greene Avenue Suite 760 Montreal QC H3Z 2B2 (514) 605-7610